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 “Create balance and success in your life”

I am a life coach and registered nurse based in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire.


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                      I work from my studio 1-1, face to face, via skype,  face time or telephone.

My aim in life is to help you to improve your life, to be more balanced, more creative in how you choose to live.

From time to time we all reach a point in our lives that requires careful thinking about, a crossroads in life; along with this will be the desire to make the ‘right decision’.


This could take the form of thoughts about a career change, a house move, how to move on with some aspect of life that is of concern. Realistically it can be pretty much any area of your life wherein you have to make plans and set goals to achieve your chosen outcome. I think this can be a beautifully creative experience in which you can discover truly who you are and what you want to be.

The creativity comes from within you and is expressed in your choices and actions.

Sounds simple? This can be something relatively ‘simple’ like which pair of shoes to choose that will suit all occasions and go with every outfit, that are stylish and comfortable too.

How do you make that choice?

  • What drives you to decide one way over another?
  • What inspired you to make that choice?
  • What do you value?
  • What do you believe about yourself?
  • Is that true; is it really correct?
  • Have you been told that something about yourself that is holding you back that may not be correct?

From my studio in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, I will, as your coach, be asking these sorts of questions, and more, so you will be able to proceed with certainty on your chosen journey, with confidence; knowing that you have explored and overcome any limiting beliefs that you may have (most people have them).                                                                                                                                                              On this journey with me as your life coach; I will be there with you helping you to choose exactly the right path for you. It will be right for you because you will be deciding yourself what is exactly right for your own personal development. You are the only person who knows you well enough to have this knowledge. I will use all my skills and experience as a professional life coach to ask you carefully phrased questions to encourage you to think deeply about who you are and where you are going. Your continuing personal development is something I will help you with, it is a vital aspect of my practice that I help you to find your own work/life balance.

During my time as a life coach I have coached people who have had to make big changes in their lives, people who have:

  • Changed career,
  • Undertaken major projects to move their careers forward,
  • Moved to a different country to work,
  • Recovered and moved forward after bereavement,
  • Loss of a job,
  • Loss of a relationship.

I will help you if you have suffered or are suffering from stress at work or in your personal life, (including surviving the trauma of bullying). These areas are major events that have benefited from having had a life coach. I have coached people in all these areas and more.

I start by carefully listening to your story; identifying what is going on in your life. it will be a bit like a focused conversation with you as the focus, then as I come to know you better I will start to help you to prioritise a plan of action to move forward, towards where you want to be.

( Have a look at my testamonial page to see what people have said about their coaching experience).

IMG_4054My studio… Come and be coached here in this peaceful, welcoming, relaxing place.

It is in a private, quiet, garden.

Take some time to relax and reflect whilst moving forward and creating your own way in life.