About me.

I am the life coach who helps people find and create  ‘balance and success’ in their lives. I specialise in helping people who are stressed and time poor to prioritise their time to ensure they have a good balance between work and the rest of their lives.

I help people to create balance and success in their lives. If you notice the balance comes before success, this is because without the balance first the success may be short lived.
Please tell your friends too. My skills may be just what they are looking for to help balance their lives, in a way that is exactly right for them. It can be fun, it can be emotional but it is always worthwhile.

This is where you come in.

I have lots of experience talking to people and have had a varied career so far. (see below)

You will benefit from this diverse life experience. I will use all this experience and skill to help you create the ‘balance and success’ which will help you in your life. The balance is first because without finding it the success may prove elusive.

I feel strongly that everyone has the ability to achieve far more than they think they are able to. This includes you. I also have a strong desire to help the world be a more balanced place for everyone.

I believe that with a little help, most people can be much more settled and content in what they do. This doesn’t mean that your life will stagnate in any way, you will have that deep knowledge and confidence to really know where you are headed and who you are. This can include striving to achieve more, to find where your strengths and passion lie which in turn allows for a settled contentment and certainty in knowing that it is the right path that you are following.

Once this has started to happen there will be no stopping you as your confidence will be enhanced and your whole approach to personal growth will change.

Many people are stopped by honestly believing they cannot do more than they are currently doing, or that they have already tried everything to move forward.

By helping you to open your eyes to your potential; encouraging you to think differently, by the use of careful skilled questions, I will help you find and move towards achieving your chosen goals.

My life so far…

My journey up to this point has got my to where I am now if you wish to find about my journey please read on….

I have had a varied life and career but it is only now that I can see how far I have come and how much effect a little bit of courage to risk failure has blossomed into me becoming a life coach.

I will help you to be courageous. I truly want to facilitate your success.

I believe that coaching is an investment in yourself. It is not always easy to face ‘truths’ that have held you back and to challenge things that you have been told all your life, that you believe because you have always been told this.

It is quite scary to move away from what you have always held to be correct. It is to find how great it is to succeed on your own merit from your own efforts at something you have always wanted to do or be.                                                                                                                       I will be there with you on this journey. I will be 100% committed to helping you to achieve balance and success in your life.                                                                                           Don’t take my word for it, Have a go.


I qualified as an enrolled nurse in 1981 and then had a long break to have 3 children.

During this time I worked as a registered childminder, before all my children started school and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also designed and made individual knitwear for clients. I did lots of part time bank/agency/short term jobs and enjoyed the challenge of these, fitting them around my family and husband’s shifts.

Once my children were all at school, I retrained as a first level registered nurse and gained a Dip He in nursing, I qualified as an NVQ Mentor and assessor amongst other things.

Taking my courage in my hands I applied for my job as a theatre nurse, I had to get out of my rut and drive into a city!!!…..There was a time when I did not dare drive more than my nearest town to a specific car park that I knew how to get to. If there weren’t any spaces I would drive home again. I would only drive to one supermarket.

I had to go and meet people and to study and work in areas I had never worked in before, almost panic zone stuff. I always worked part time once I had children because I felt my work/life balance was important to maintain.

I worked as a theatre nurse for 10 years and obtained my Bsc Hons with specialist nurse qualification in primary care.                                                                                                             This enabled me to move on and have a complete change in clinical career. I became a triage nurse advisor working for the Out of hours GPs. Since starting this role I have completed a course in palliative care and a leadership course. I also trained in and have experience in crisis and bereavement support. Most recently I have become a qualified NHS pathways 111 practitioner.

I was child protection co-ordinator for my benefice (13 parishes) for 12 years.

I qualified as a life coach when I gained my diploma in personal performance coaching (PPD).

I will help you to find your courage and determination.

Talking to people along the way I have noticed there are a lot of ‘yes but’ people out there. I was one of those. I try not to be now, learning to be a coach has taught me so much about myself and how to move through my personal limiting beliefs into my way of thinking now which is a  ‘can do’ and ‘what is the worst that can happen?’ approach to new experiences.

These skills will help me to help you.    

My method of coaching is to make it upbeat and fun in a structured way. You may not notice the structure as I take you though a series of stages to help you to become re-empowered within yourself.                                                                                                                              I use my skills to encourage you to think positively about your own life experience and to draw out the strengths and skills that you may have forgotten you had or that may be transferable to other areas of your life. As we talk I will encourage you to think about what you want to achieve and to start to plan and set goals for yourself.
Give me a ring to see how I can coach you to ‘Create balance and success in your life’
Have a good week. (01455 292068 or 07510821542) Leave me a message if I am not able to answer so I can call you back, if you want me to.
Best wishes Jennie.

Best wishes Jennie