Depression is something I have a lot of experience with having had bouts of it for most of my adult life, some severe some not so bad.

One thing I do know is that you cannot just ‘snap out of it.’

I also know that when it starts to diminish and when life starts to look slightly less bleak, as if there may be even be a future; that coaching can be useful.

It has been useful for me, my first experience of coaching was towards the end of a particularly severe bout of depression, I have a friend who is a coach and he offered me some sessions to see what it was like.

I found it very useful and soon applied to become a coach myself. I saw how powerfully it engaged me in a positive way that gave me back my own power to decide how I would live my life.

It enhanced my work as a triage nurse too, I am now able to question more effectively and get right into the heart of an assessment quickly because I have learned to listen in a much more focused way.                                                                                                                                  I am not saying that coaching is for people who are depressed. However coaching may benefit individuals once they have turned that corner towards recovery.

My method of coaching is to make it upbeat and fun in a structured way. You may not notice the structure as I take you though a series of stages to help you to become re-empowered within yourself.                                                                                                                              I use my skills to encourage you to think positively about your own life experience and to draw out the strengths and skills that you may have forgotten you had or that may be transferable to other areas of your life. As we talk I will encourage you to think about what you want to achieve and to start to plan and set goals for yourself.
Give me a ring to see how I can coach you to ‘Create balance and success in your life’
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Best wishes Jennie.