Feeling you have to make a difficult choice about your career? Equality and diversity gone mad?

Feeling you have to make a difficult choice about your career?

Equality and diversity gone mad?

This is an area I have a lot of experience with, both personally, as a colleague, as a friend and as a coach.

  • Have you reached a point in your life where you know you need a change but are not sure what to do about it?
  • Unhappy in your job but not sure how to make the changes you know you want to make?
  • Do you feel you just don’t fit any more?
  • Is it time to move on?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by it all?
  • Do you feel that too much is changing and you don’t want to be part of it?
  • Do you feel that you want to do something different but lack the courage and knowledge to effect the change?
  • Have you always had a dream that is still unfulfilled?

As your coach I can help in all these areas. I am very perceptive and experienced in all these areas. I will take you through all the steps needed to help you to get on track for the life you really want to be living. The negative feelings and fear about it all will be a thing of the past. I will help you plan realistically for your future.


After a difficult time I used the fact that                                                      I was already a qualified coach to move my life forward; sooner than I had anticipated. Since then I have had a much more enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle.



One of my core values is helping people, being useful is really important to me. If I can help someone move forward to where they are more fulfilled and happy then I am happy too. 🙂

My method of coaching is to make it upbeat and fun in a structured way. You may not notice the structure as I take you though a series of stages to help you to become re-empowered within yourself.                                                                                                                                             I use all of my skills to encourage you to think positively about your own life experience and to draw out the strengths and skills that you may have forgotten you had or that may be transferable to other areas of your life. As we talk I will encourage you to think about what you want to achieve and to start to plan and set goals for yourself.
Give me a ring to see how I can coach you to ‘Create balance and success in your life’
Have a good week. (01455 292068 or 07510821542) Leave me a message if I am not able to answer so I can call you back, if you want me to.
If you read the text below this page you can see a bit of my journey.
Best wishes Jennie.
Now my bit. I was a very happily employed triage nurse with my ‘perfect job’. My employer then lost the contract for our work and we were transferred to the company that ‘won’ it. The workforce that covered all areas of our work, was divided and given to different employers. This was manageable and our work remained much the same, just had lost the diversity of services we offered from one geographical location, it meant we had to phone other areas for the services we had had in one big room.                                                                                          The next step was when this company failed in their bid for the pilot of NHS111 and we were tupe’d again to the company that had won it.                                                                                 From my point of view it was downhill from then on. As it was for 8 of my nurse colleagues. Within 6 months of this transfer we had all resigned and moved onto different jobs. We were divided and demoralised, made to work at a different venue, work different hours, I went from 15 hours a week to full time and a 3 hour commute each day and lots of exams to become proficient in our new role, I enjoyed all the learning and passed all the exams easily. Our terms and conditions were radically changed and our pay was cut by a considerable amount. We all passed the exams and jumped through successive hoops but each one was a step too far away from a job that we had loved and been very good at. Some of my colleagues took legal action; but by this time I was suffering from a major depression, my close friend was dying and I had other family needing a lot of care. When talking to a colleague one day I discovered that I was old enough and could take early retirement; this proved to be a way for me to move towards a more balanced creatively satisfying lifestyle.